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True Food® Wise Woman

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Probably the most complete multi-nutrient formulation ever for women
True Food® Wise Woman provides a complete spectrum of bio-transformed™ vitamins and essential minerals. In addition, the formula provides key antioxidants, brain foods and amino acids, plus a wide spectrum of botanicals selected for women, and a hardy probiotic for digestive well-being. This formula contains Vitamin A. Do not take if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant.
Three capsules typically provide:
1500µg Vitamin A (5000iu), 1mg Beta Carotene*, 3mg Vitamin B1*, 3mg
Vitamin B2*, 18mg Vitamin B3*, 5mg Pantothenic Acid*, 5mg Vitamin B6*, 2µg Vitamin B12*, 200µg Folic Acid*, 52µg Biotin*, 145mg Vitamin C*, 12mg Bioflavonoids*, 2.5µg Vitamin D* (100iu), 10mg Vitamin E* (15iu), 40.2µg
Vitamin K*
Boron* 0.75mg Calcium2 120mg Copper* 0.33mg Chromium GTF* 30µg Iodine (Kelp) 100µg Iron* 4mg Lithium* 0.75mg Magnesium*12 28.8mg Manganese* 0.33mg Molybdenum* 40µg Selenium* 75µg Strontium* 30µg Vanadium* 30µg Zinc* 3.6mg Silicon (Horsetail) 12mg
Alfalfa 10mg Artichoke 10mg Angelica 10mg Anise 10mg Broccoli extract 4:1 10mg Capsicum 3mg Coriander 15mg Cranberry 10mg Dandelion extract 4:1 10mg Garlic 5mg Ginger 10mg Horsetail 8.6mg Jasmine 5mg Kelp 18.27mg Parsley 5mg Pau D'arco 20mg Sage 20mg Tarragon 5mg Sweet Basil 10mg Watercress 10mg Wild Lettuce 10mg
Alpha Lipoic acid 5mg DMAE 10mg L-carnitine 15mg Co-enzyme Q10* 2mg Super Pot Soyagen* 25mg
Lactobacillus sporogenes 5 million *Individually bio-transformed™ nutrient 1Includes Mg ascorbate 2 Lithothamion calcarea
Directions: Take 3 capsules a day.
Non-GM Vegetarian Vegan Wheat-free Gluten-free Dairy-free

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SKU TWW030/090/180
Manufacturer Higher Nature

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