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Soopa Healthy Treats and Chews

Range of Soopa Healthy Bites and Dental Chew Sticks


Help settle your dogs tum before travelling.

Benevo Pawtato Chews

Range of Pawtato Vegetable Dental Chew Sticks

Alfie's Diner Dog Treats

Each treat has a crispy shell and soft creamy centre.

Cheesy Chicken Bites 100g Vitality & Immunity
Toilet Seat Covers 5 Pack
Pawtato Turmeric & Chicory Root Tubes Dog Chews 90g
Low Fat Treats for Dogs 100g
Puppy & Junior Treats for Dogs 100g
Grain Free Training Treats for Dogs 100g
Natural Wholesome Salmon Rolls for Dogs 100g
Natural Wholesome Chicken Rolls for Dogs 100g
Daily Dental Bones for Dogs 100g
Whimzees Small 120mm Bulk Box - 150 Pack
Whimzees XL 240mm Bulk Box - 30 Pack
Whimzees Large 180mm Bulk Box - 50 Pack
Whimzees Medium 150mm Bulk Box - 100 Pack
Whimzees XS 80mm Bulk Box - 350 Pack
Aroma Spa Diffuser Aromatherapy Vaporising unit
Rose Absolute Ethically Harvested Essential Oil 9ml

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