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Brain Feed 5-HTP 60 Vegan Tablets

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5-htp is an isolated nutrient extracted from the griffonia seed. It is a naturally occurring chemical made in the body, and it is the pre-cursor to our feel good chemical messenger serotonin (5-ht). 
Serotonin plays a vital role in our biochemistry because it regulates mood, anxiety, appetite & sleep as well as helping to manage the impact of stress.
  • Feel happy
  • Regulate stress
  • Manage anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Suppress appetite

is it for you?

5-htp is for anybody looking to increase their serotonin levels. 5-htp is suitable for people who live a stressful lifestyle, work long hours, struggle sleeping and wish to maintain health and enhance performance. 

Feel better. Perform better. You. Naturally

  • Anybody with a lower than normal mood.
  • Anybody with high stress; serotonin is involved inregulating cortisol secretion receptors.
  • Anybody who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • Anybody looking to increase their serotonin levels.

5-htp may also benefit anybody with a condition linked to low levels of serotonin.

 our 5-htp

The UK’s most premium 5-htp brand. We use a 102.5mg of standardised extract to provide the smallest, nutrient dense tablet with no unnecessary bulking agents.
  • 100% natural 5-htp from griffonia seed.
  • GMP & ISOQAR certified.
  • 5* review rating.
  • Twice the strength of Holland & Barrett and MyProtein.
  • Easy to swallow tablets.
  • Lightweight eco-friendly foil packaging.
  • No unnecessary bulking agents 

How it works

  • 5-htp crosses the blood-brain barrier and goes through a decarboxylase to become serotonin (5-ht).
  • Absorption of 5-htp is not influenced by other amino acids & therefore it can be taken with or without meals, without losing its efficacy.
  • 5-htp has a much higher efficacy than tryptophan which is available in small amounts in foods such as red meats & seeds because tryptophan cannot cross the blood brain barrier without the help of transporter molecules.
  • The therapeutic administration of 5-HTP may be efficient in depression, fibromyalgia, suppressing appetite and insomnia


Take 1-2 tablets per day.

Our 100 mg tablets represent 102.5mg of standardised Griffonia seed extract. they are high quality and nutrient dense. it is therefore not recommended to exceed the stated dose. exceeding the dose may lead to nausea, dizziness and headaches.

*Do not take with anti-depressants. 5-htp increases a brain chemical called serotonin. taking 5-htp along with these medications for depression might increase serotonin too much and cause serious side effects including nausea and heart problems. these include the following brand combinations; 5-htp and Prozac, 5-htp and Zoloft, 5-htp and Paxil, 5-htp and Lexapor. 5-htp and any SSRI should not be taken together

There no known interactions with 5-htp and alcohol or 5-htp with any other nutraceuticals or herbal medicines such as 5-htp b6, 5-htp + melatonin, 5-htp + l-tryptophan, 5-htp + tyrosine, 5-htp and St John’s Wort.


Griffonia seed extract 102.5mg standardised to 98% to provide 100mg 5-htp

Bulking agents: dicalcium phosphate, cellulose

Anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate

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EAN 0700461678731
Size 60 Tablets
Manufacturer Brain Feed

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